July 13, 2018 - Global Alliance on Women’s Brain Health at Aspen Brain Labs /Access Circle Symposium

In July, 2018, WHAM! (Women’s Health Access Matters) was launched in Aspen as an initiative of AccessCircles to focus on increasing awareness of women’s health issues and implementing strategies that will improve the inequities and bias in research and accelerate scientific discovery in women’s health. We are passionate about women’s health and the impact that we know can be made if research reflects how men and women are different down to the cellular level.

AccessCircles has consistently hosted Health and Wellness Forums in Aspen (July), and either Miami or Palm Beach (January). Throughout the years AccessCircles has hosted over 300 transformational experiences. In addition, private retreats (50-300 women) have been hosted at exclusive resorts and unique venues around the world for our community and our alliance partners.

We are committed to improving the health and wellbeing of women and transforming their medical care through the discovery, dissemination, and integration of sex and gender-based differences and the application of this knowledge to the delivery of care. With a focus on building awareness of Gender Precision Medicine, we intend to impact issues related to women’s health and gender biology and for advocating for changes in public policy to improve the health of women by advancing the new field of Gender Precision Medicine.