October 1, 2016 - Launch of Roobrik and Antidote

The 2016 3rd Quarter GBFAI efforts, in collaboration with the AD-PCPRN, focused on the launch of a partnership with Roobrik & Antidote to support recruitment for clinical trials at the Connected Partners Conference in Boston on October 17th.

(More than 80% of trials are currently delayed or closed because researchers cannot find eligible patients. This problem is especially pronounced in Alzheimer’s disease, where seven to ten million people are needed for registries to meet planned clinical trial enrollment requirements.)

This announcement is an extension of GBFAI’s 2nd quarter leadership in the AD-PCPRN, with an evolving new communications platform called GALAXY, that seeks to transform the research and clinical trial culture in order to accelerate research cycle times for disease modifying therapies.

Co-Funding Support: Geoffrey Beene Foundation Alzheimer’s Initiative and UsAgaintAlzheimer’s.