January 1, 2012 - GBFAI Leads Winning Collaboration with 21st Century BrainTrust™ (2012-current)

21st Century BrainTrust® (21CBT) (a non-profit partnership) award from SANOFI, to advance mobile health technologies and brain health.

Through engagement in 2012 in high-profile initiatives that: i) advanced early diagnosis; ii) raised our profile; and iii) judiciously leveraged our financial resources.

Proposal for Tracking Brain Health with Mobile App Wins $100,000

Sanofi Collaborate/Activate Innovation Challenge Recognition – 21st Century BrainTrust™ Idea Empowers Citizens to Take Control of their Own Cognitive Health

Washington, DC: December 2012 -The 21st Century BrainTrust, a coalition of four non-profit organizations working to end Alzheimer’s disease, was today named the winner of a $100,000 prize as part of the Sanofi US Partners in Patient Health Collaborate | Activate Innovation Challenge. The team was selected for the prize from among nearly 300 proposals submitted to the Challenge.

The 21st Century BrainTrust™ (21CBT), a collaboration lead by Geoffrey Beene Foundation Alzheimer’s Initiative (GBFAI), the American Health Assistance Foundation (AHAF), the UsAgainstAlzheimer’s Network, and the Cleveland Clinic/Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, believes that the time has come to develop self-administered cognitive testing applications (apps) which individuals can use to measure their brain health over many years, helping scientists in the fight against cognitive disorders.

“The 21st Century BrainTrust moves the conversation for the ‘worried well’ away from denial about a disease we all dread to one focused on optimal health,” said Meryl Comer, President of the Geoffrey Beene Foundation Alzheimer’s Initiative. “Big ideas today need to offer a sense of empowerment. We think we’ve found one in wireless technology that can turn us into citizen scientists dedicated to our personal cognitive health.”